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Embedded Systems Solutions

We develop cutting-edge industrial solutions combining state-of-the-art hardware and software design concepts and technologies. With our expertise in edge computing your industrial applications become smarter and more efficient. We transfer the required computing power directly to where it is needed - to the edge. Flexible and scalable systems ensure that you can quickly adapt to new requirements and make use of the latest technologies.

Hardware Design

Hardware Design

Modern embedded systems depend on well designed and optimized electronics.

Software Development

Software Development

Low and high-level code share the same concept: quality knows no compromise.

Digital Design

Digital Design

FPGAs combined with other components form efficient and powerful compute devices.

AI at the Edge

AI at the Edge

Using modern algorithms, data is processed exactly where it is generated - at the edge.

Product Development

Product Development

Danube Dynamics leads you through the whole product development lifecycle - from requirements engineering and planning to implementation, testing, and maintenance - tailored exactly to your needs. Throughout this process, we always keep in mind the system in its entirety.
A dancing couple only succeeds when working together step by step. Similarly, we believe that close cooperation with our customers is the key to achieve peak quality, efficiency, and innovation. Waltzing Forward - together.

AI Accelerator

Combining industrial robot control with newest AI technology enables efficient computer vision, object detection, and classification on the edge. The AI Accelerator is designed to provide low latency, high performance computing, with the flexibility to support a wide range of use cases.

Industrial AI Accelerator
Embedded NFC-Terminal


Designed to be both secure and fail-safe, the terminal offers a modern system for employee time recording. Centralized terminal and user management makes clocking in easy and fast by using contactless technologies.


Nico Teringl

Nico Teringl, MSc

CEO / Co-Founder

Philipp Knaack

Philipp Knaack, MSc

Head of Software / Co-Founder

Edwin Schweiger

Edwin Schweiger, MSc

Head of Hardware / Co-Founder

Jakob Winkler

Jakob Winkler, MSc

Head of Systems Engineering


Florian Eibensteiner

DI (FH) Dr. Florian Eibensteiner

Technical Advisor

Josef Langer

FH-Prof. DI Mag. Dr. Josef Langer

Management Advisor


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