Creating Innovation Together!

Embedded Systems Solutions.

The Company.

Danube Dynamics was established in 2020 by three experienced engineers with in-depth expertise in the field of embedded systems. The motivation for their own company is still reflected in the values lived by the entire team today: the development of innovative and high-quality embedded systems solutions for the sustainable digitalization & automation of industry.

Today, the company, headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria - in the heart of the Austrian industry - employs more than 15 highly qualified engineers and developers and counts over 30 industrial companies from various countries in Europe among its customers.

Despite the rapid growth, there is a 100% commitment from the management for a stable and sustainable development of the company and adherence to the core values: quality, efficiency and innovation.

Our Values.



We always strive for the highest quality in everything we do. Because only if this is guaranteed we can ensure that our solutions are durable, maintainable and error-free.



Highest efficiency in the way we work and in the solutions we develop contribute significantly to the success of our products and therefore also to the success of our customers.



In line with the motto " those who rest, will rust", we always try to make innovative approaches from research and science usable for our customers. Because innovation means competitiveness.



We keep our promises, because trust is the basis for a successful collaboration, both internally and with our customers. You can count on us, we won't let you down.



We work together as a team in an appreciative, respectful and, above all, determined manner, not only internally but also with our customers. Together we can achieve the greatest possible success.



We do what we claim and what we believe in. We always work transparently, openly and proactively. And our values are firmly anchored in our DNA.

About us.

What makes Danube Dynamics special?

We unite two worlds that are not so easy to combine: resource-limited embedded systems & computationally intensive AI. In doing so, we create highly efficient systems that process data in real time, intelligently control processes & machines, and thus raise throughput, quality and safety to a new level.

Why are we doing this?

AI requires a lot of computing power. That is why it is often calculated in the cloud. In most cases, however, this is not possible in industrial applications: a lack of or insufficiently developed infrastructure, no guaranteed data sovereignty and security, too high operating costs and, above all, too slow for industrial processes.

That's why we create independence from the cloud with our solutions: AI at the Edge.

The embedded systems are integrated directly into the respective machine or system, process the data from the sensors using AI, make intelligent decisions and communicate these to the safety-critical control system.

How do we achieve this?

The management of Danube Dynamics has more than 15 years of experience in the development of industrial electronics & embedded software solutions. In combination with over 5 years of research & development in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we know exactly which gears we need to turn to achieve the optimum in efficiency and functionality.

In addition, we always focus on our customers and the task at hand, which is why we create sustainable and targeted solutions. In doing so, we never compromise on quality and efficiency.

This is how sustainable digitalization & automation works!


Nico Teringl


Nico Teringl has in-depth expertise in the development of embedded systems, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. He completed the bachelor's and master's degree programs "Hardware-Software-Design" and "Embedded-Systems-Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria at the Campus Hagenberg. During his technical studies, he was already intensively involved with management and sales methods, which he demonstrated in various positions. As Chief Executive Officer, he manages the areas of finance, sales and human resources and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

Philipp Knaack


Philipp Knaack has more than 10 years of experience in the development of complex embedded software at all levels of abstraction in various industrial sectors (medical technology, security technology, industry). He completed the bachelor's and master's programs "Hardware-Software-Design" and "Embedded-Systems-Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria at Campus Hagenberg. His experience in leading teams of developers and planning and implementing complex projects sets him apart. As Chief Technology Officer, he is responsible for the entire research and development area.

Edwin Schweiger


Edwin Schweiger has many years of experience in the development of hardware and electronic products for use in control technology. He completed the bachelor's and master's degree programs "Hardware-Software-Design" and "Embedded-Systems-Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria at the Campus Hagenberg. Thanks to his practical experience in product management, certification, and the series launch of electronic products, he is responsible for all operational processes as Chief Operating Officer. In his role, he also ensures the smooth implementation of projects and looks after our key customers.

Advisory Board.

We rely on more than just our technical expertise to ensure high stability and sustainable growth. With our Advisory Board, we complement the strategic management of Danube Dynamics with experienced entrepreneurs and personalities in the fields of product development, finance, sales, marketing and human resources.

FH-Prof. Dr. Josef Langer

Product, Finance, HR

As the founder of several successful IT companies, Prof Langer has extensive expertise and many years of experience in developing technology companies. He is the author of more than 60 publications and an expert in the development of complex embedded systems. In close collaboration, he advises the management of Danube Dynamics in the areas of product development, research, finance and human resources. His main objective is the sustainable and stable development of the company.

Mag. DI Florian Schnitzhofer

Marketing, Sales

As a graduate computer scientist, senior expert in software consulting and founder of ReqPOOL GmbH - among many other companies - Mr Schnitzhofer has extensive knowledge and experience in building IT companies. He already focussed on the topic of "artificial intelligence" during his master's thesis and therefore complements the management of Danube Dynamics perfectly. In the areas of marketing and sales, he works closely with the management of Danube Dynamics to ensure the sustainable growth of the company.