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    Hardware Design

    From small power-efficient IoT nodes to high-performance embedded systems, we can realize hardware projects based on your requirements.
    Especially with high-speed components like FPGAs, application processors, and different types of memories, well-defined specifications, before the implementation, become even more important.
    In every project, we focus on developing cost-efficient hardware while using optimal components for the specific use-case.
    Naturally, we also keep EMI in mind to ease product certification later on in the process.

    On request, we also take on the organization of prototype production and certification with external partners.

    Development Tools

    We are usually working with the following tools on customer projects and our own designs:

    • Altium® Designer®
    • Autodesk® Eagle
    • Spice Simulation (LTSpice®, Berkeley Spice®, Tina-TI®)

    Integrated Circuits

    The following devices have been successfully used in previous customer projects:

    • FPGA SoC devices
      • Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC and Zynq®-7000
      • Intel® Arria® 10 SoC and Cyclone® V SoC
    • Controller devices
      • ST Microelectronics STM32MP1-Series
      • NXP LPC-Series and i.MX RT-Series
      • Nordic nRF52-Series

    Software Development

    Software development, especially for embedded systems, is one of the main topics at Danube Dynamics.
    Well designed and reliable code breathes life into hardware components.
    With our knowledge and experience, we cover all areas of hardware-related software development.

    Previous projects consisted of bare-metal programmed IoT devices, but also high-performance SoCs, which are powered by embedded operating systems like Linux.
    On a daily basis, we use C, C++, C#, and Python.
    We are familiar with several kinds of communication technologies, both wireless and wired: Bluetooth® LE, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Ethernet, CAN, etc.


    The following IoT devices have successfully been used in previous projects:

    • ST Microelectronics STM32-Series
    • Nordic nRF52-Series
    • Espressif ESP32
    • NXP LPC-Series and i.MX RT-Series

    In various high-performance applications, the following devices have been used:

    • Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoC and Zynq®-7000
    • Intel® Arria® 10 SoC and Cyclone® V SoC

    Frameworks & Technologies

    The engineers at Danube Dynamics have extensive knowledge with the following frameworks and technologies:

    • Customized embedded Linux
    • Linux kernel driver development
    • Integration of various high-level software packages, e.g., Tensorflow/Keras
    • Real-time operating systems like FreeRTOS
    • Bare-metal programming
    • Communication and work-offloading using programmable logic (FPGAs)

    Digital Design

    Due to the raw processing power and parallelism offered by FPGAs, these devices are perfectly suitable for industrial high-performance applications. Even modern CPUs are not always able to handle real-time and high-throughput requirements of certain use-cases.

    We are experienced in designing IP cores for a broad range of applications: from high-performance computation cores and high-speed interconnects to low-power and cost-optimized glue logic.

    Modern applications require flexible and adaptable systems. Therefore, SoC devices are getting more and more popular in the industry, as they offer the possibility to efficiently partition systems into software and hardware parts on a CPU, FPGA, and other accelerators. Before the actual implementation, we create a detailed hardware-software partitioning concept, to ensure efficient usage of resources and future-proof design.

    Each project is designed in a way to ensure optimal prerequisites are given for later testability. Based on the concept and design, implementations are verified – using both functional and formal methods – to offer the highest quality standards and efficient development flows.

    Development Tools

    The following tools were used in previous projects:

    • MathWorks® Matlab® | MathWorks® Simulink®
    • Xilinx Vivado®
    • Intel® Quartus® Prime
    • Mentor Graphics ModelSim®

    AI at the Edge

    Industrial applications can be massively enhanced using AI. Critical real-time and data-integrity requirements make the integration of such algorithms difficult. With our customer-oriented AI accelerator, your industrial applications become smarter by efficiently combining and using hardware and software components.

    We either optimize and accelerate an existing AI model, or analyze your needs based on your requirements, and design the perfect model for you. This process is done in cooperation with our external partners, which are specialized in AI model development and optimization, to achieve high accuracy and efficiency.

    Depending on the performance and cost requirements, a suitable hardware accelerator from our product range is selected and combined with our custom software libraries. This ensures the best price-performance ratio while satisfying all your needs.

    The Danube AI Platform guarantees an efficient way of enhancing your application with AI. Fully customizable to your needs and developed to offer energy-efficient and high-performance computation at the Edge.


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