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Discover the benefits of many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the fields of hardware development, software development and artificial intelligence (AI). We focus on you as our customer - we rely on customer-centric solutions to master unique challenges.

Our strengths at a glance:

  • Experience & expertise: We have been setting standards in software development for industrial systems for over 5 years.
  • Tailor-made solutions: From conception to implementation and maintenance, we support you with our comprehensive services from a single source.
  • Quality, Efficiency, Innovation: Our mission is to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and innovation in every project.

Choose Danube Dynamics as a trusted partner who understands your challenges and delivers customized solutions for your success. Contact us to reach the next level of digitalization and innovation together.


Engineering Process.

We support you individually in your project, no matter what phase you are currently in. With our hands-on mentality and agile processes, we adapt to your needs.

Questions and Answers.

We get to know each other in a first non-binding appointment. For reasons of efficiency, this appointment is usually held online. We will introduce you to Danube Dynamics and give you an insight into some of our projects. You tell us about your specific needs and your status quo (skills, technologies, products, processes, etc.). At a second meeting, we get to know each other personally, preferably on site at your company. You provide us with the necessary information about your products, processes and machines so that we can prepare a potential analysis. You will then receive an offer including a concept and project plan.

AI as a tool has enormous potential in many different applications. However, we do not see AI as a magic bullet, but only use this tool specifically where added value can be generated. In our potential analysis, we show you whether the use of AI makes sense for your products and services and what added value you can expect. In principle, we take the approach of looking at simpler and leaner methods first and only considering the use of AI if these are not sufficient.

We have very strict internal policies and processes to protect our customers' data and IP. However, when working closely together, it is sometimes necessary for you to share data or software with us in order to enable efficient development. Customer data is strictly isolated in our infrastructure and only the responsible developers have access to it. After completion of the project or upon request, all data is immediately and irretrievably deleted from our systems.

In general, we take confidentiality and discretion very seriously - you are in the best of hands with us.

To ensure that our customers remain successful in the long term, and therefore that we can be successful too, we make sure that we are not just a supplier of a solution or a black box for every project. Typically, a joint workshop is held at the end of each project to explain the developed solution in detail. Our customers understand the solutions and our own developers can continue to work seamlessly with our solutions. On request, we can also provide intensive training, e.g. on the use of new technologies.

We support our customers exactly where they need us. As a matter of principle, we maintain a very cooperative relationship and adapt to your processes and circumstances. If you only need our support from time to time, e.g. to resolve problems in a software project or for the initial introduction of a new technology, you can also consider us as an "extended workbench". Our developers are in close contact with your team and provide support during development or when answering questions. Our aim with every project is to work in an agile and efficient manner and to minimize overheads.

Tech Stack.

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