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A high level of software quality and the consistency of development processes are essential for the success of a product. This is the only way to guarantee the required functionality and minimise or avoid follow-up costs due to bugs and maintenance. In addition, suitable tools optimise the development process and thus reduce or avoid excessive and unplanned costs.

However, testing software and hardware requires a well-considered strategy, as otherwise, the time (and therefore costs) spent on testing itself will be higher than the costs avoided. The so-called "sweet spot" is required, i.e. the optimum coverage of the software through tests. In addition, not everything can be tested blindly, rather the correct and critical components must be tested.

Danube Dynamics uses a mixture of proven and innovative methods and tools to find the "sweet spot" and thus maximize quality:

  • Static analyses, such as coding style checks, Lint, or commercial solutions such as SonarQube
  • 4 or 6 eyes principle in the development and code review process via Git tools
  • Systematic test design for risk-based testing, whereby critical components (high risk, high damage) receive higher test coverage than non-critical parts to ensure a high cost-benefit ratio.
  • Efficient and consistent CI/CD pipelines for automatic compiling and testing of components and entire systems

For every project, we also attach great importance to ensuring that our knowledge is integrated into the customer's team in the long term and continues to have a positive impact on the efficiency and quality of the developments after the collaboration. We therefore offer our customers the opportunity to integrate our tools and processes into their infrastructure and train the team in workshops. This sharpens the focus on quality in the long term and enables the team to develop better products with higher quality and optimised costs.

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